You’ve been Skyped

So I’ve finally chosen the media platform I will be following this semester: Skype. I think this is a great choice as Skype is celebrating its 10th birthday this year!! Skype is a not just a way to speak to family and friends away from home, as I did while I travelled around America, but it is also a learning tool. Remote towns and communites are able to connect with skype with sistering schools/universities all over the world!
See how this is done..

Skype has come so far in it’s first decade of life and will only get bigger


About hereinaminute

I'm a fun loving beach dweller that will talk about anything and everything. I try to take the easy going, non-serious approach to most things, but when I want something, watch out!!
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3 Responses to You’ve been Skyped

  1. Jonas Bane says:

    Well, we both have Swedish inventions! =) How awesome is that? Let me answer that for you: Pretty awesome. Will follow your posts!

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