The medium is the message: trajectories of covergence

Focusing on the move away from traditional analogue media, to the digital age of the 21st century we can investigate how different technologies, audiences and industries aid in the flow of content across platforms, which ultimately lead to super platforms such as the smart phone.

It’s easy to see how the role of audiences have changed along with digital media. We have become prosumers, a notion that we are no longer pattern based passive consumers, but rather producing, sharing and consuming active consumers. This as a natural adaption in the way we consume media as it is constantly changing and becoming more complex. With this flow of content, we have found how industries in particular manage the flow of it and at times it ends up where the industry doesn’t want it. I find this extremely interesting and somewhat unsettling how quickly content can be liked, shared, updated, moved, removed, commented on and copied. I see it almost as organised chaos how efficiently content can be shifted between these super platforms.

Mark Federman’s What is the Meaning of the Medium is the Message? suggests that “the content of a medium in almost all cases is another distinct medium itself. A medium is any extension of ourselves. A message is the change in scale, pace or pattern of behaviour.” I find this theory to be very intriguing as I previously thought the medium to be simply as the way the message is sent, and the message to be what is communicated. This “extension of ourselves” has the power to cause change and hence, a new message is created, leading to the presence of a new medium. This theory makes you think deeper into the way messages are conveyed through mediums, and for me, certainly requires me to reassess and think on a more broad scale about the way a message is delivered can form a completely new separate yet integrated message.

The thought that “dead media,” out of sight out of mind, is a false statement. Web 2.0…The Machine is Us/ing Us proves this by showing how media is constantly changing and updating itself. Our digital age means that these previously thought dead medias (eg. the vinyl) can mutate ( eg. DJing) and that the old media lives embedded in a new platform. This notion that old media platforms live, die, mutate and reincarnate is compelling as once again it shows how when the medium changes, an new message is created.

How media is no longer linear but can be found and communicated in a number of ways has really made me think in a more complex way and not take everything at face value, but to analyse how and when a new message is being created without me actually realising.

The vinyl lives embedded in the DJ turntable

The vinyl lives embedded in the DJ turntable


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