Media ownership

Everybody has their own agenda in life but also in particular aspects of their life, whether that be at work or at home. On a daily basis we listen to and see these agendas displayed throughout the media and are told that what we see is what is to believe. But who exactly owns these ideas and opinions? Is it the writer or presenter, the news anchor or editor? Or a higher power that inputs his or her beliefs and attitudes into stories in a way to fulfill their way of thinking? While it may not be obvious that we are being positioned in a way to agree with the subtle ideals of the media presenter, it’s evident that they are embodied into a story when we delve deeper and uncover who actually controls the source of where the information is coming from.

The question that needs to be answered: Why does it matter who “controls” the media?

Australian media ownership is amongst the most concentrated in the world, with our mass media concentrated into the hands of a very small number of proprietors, in particular NewsCorp and Fairfax Media. With such consolidated ownership of news mediums, it makes you wonder if the stories we are told truly are 100% accurate or whether they are being shaped to alter our way of thinking and satisfy the ownership’s beliefs.

Diversity of media ownership, not only in Australia, is declining. This is proving to be a negative thing, as the news we are given is only coming from limited sources, therefore how do we know the information is a holistic, objective, trustworthy account? The general public are in the dark as to how much (editorial) control media owners have over content, so one can only assume. Media today may be seen as a way of serving the interests of those in power and certainly is a tangled media web.


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2 Responses to Media ownership

  1. Your choice of video was very suitable to the weekly topic of media ownership. Great clip!

  2. I actually know very little about Australian media, because obviously I’m not from here. But this was really informative, especially the video- it gave me a really good initial understanding on who owns Australian media.

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