Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore

Having a year off studies between high school and university really gave me time to think of what it was I actually wanted to do with my life. Well here I am still not knowing exactly, but having a pretty good idea. When people have asked me what my degree is, I will admit I have trouble answering their question. I think of it as a very broad degree which keeps your options open, what those options are I’m still not 100% sure on. But I can honestly say I have a much deeper understanding of what I will be studying for the next 3 years of my life.

Communications and Media Studies, in particular BCM110 has provided me with the mindset to critique anything about everything to do with the media. It seems naive now to know that before beginning this degree, I watched TV and listened to the radio and saw advertisements purely at face value. It never crossed my mind how the industry worked in attracting my attention and the stories I were seeing were being controlled and contorted.

Weeks 4 and 5 interested me the most, with the media myth busting of “Information just wants to be free” and “Big brother is watching you”. What we had learnt in previous weeks about the notion that ‘television makes you fat’, cause and effect model, how seemingly everything begins with the media and ends with the problem, when really by starting with the problem and working backwards, we can figure out the actual cause, which may not be the media at all. The case of the Bobo Doll experiment, even though had beneficial learning outcomes, I simply found to be very amusing.

I do not think I will ever consume a piece of news without first thinking about who owns the source of where it is coming from. Thank you BCM110, what a wonderful and enjoyable thing. Although we are always told to never fully believe what you see in magazines and newspapers, I now find I can’t completely believe any news I am given. The concentration and lack of diversity of media ownership I find to be alarming, only because such high power personalities own the mediums from which we receive our news, with each having their own agenda.

Penny’s reaction sums up my understanding of semiotics perfectly. It’s a difficult concept for me to grasp that signs don’t have any significance until we give it significance. Nonetheless, I find it be intriguing into such ideologies, and how subconsciously because of society, automatically we are able to denotate and conotate colours, images etc. and give meaning to certain things without any rational explanation.

Without any words, (hopefully) all drivers know what this sign means

Without any words, (hopefully) all drivers know what this sign means

An avid fan of Home and Away, the public sphere debate resonated well with me. Everyone knows it is a trivialised, spectacular, over the top program, however, does in fact bring meaningful and sometimes controversial issues to the forefront. As I’ve learnt by reading my peers’ blogs, other shows such as Gossip Girl, in an entertaining way, highlight common issues within society.

So to wrap it up, I’ve found that blogging and tweeting and all that jazz aren’t actually as bad as I first thought. BCM110 has made me question and analyse the media, both positively and negatively. I like to be knowledgeable and have a thorough understanding about what I’m learning and thanks to this subject, I believe I am well on my way.
And I can now call myself a…032704-blogger


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