Transmedia narratives

transmedia-wordleThis weeks content baffled me quite a bit to be honest. Majority of the time I was staring with a blank look on my face trying to comprehend what was meant by transmedia. For me to grasp the concept of transmedia, I needed to distinguish the difference between it and multimedia. Henry Jenkins states “Multimedia refers to the integration of multiple modes of expression within a single application… Transmedia refers to the dispersal of those same elements across multiple media platforms.” After discussion and listening to my peer’s views and explanation of transmedia, I believe I now have the concept understood.

With stories not being tied to the channels delivering them to the audience, facilitates more entry points to the story and more points of engagement with the audience, ultimately creating and building a world forming a coherent whole. Engagement is key to transmedia as the story can only fully come together when audiences participate and utilize the multiple entry points from which the story is being narrated.

We can actively see how transmedia affects our viewing experience, for example with The Matrix. By only watching the film trilogy, we do not gain access to the complete story, however, once the graphic novels, games and anime components are viewed also, then are we able to form a coherent whole known as The Matrix World.matrix

As a child I was a huge fan of Pokemon. I watched the television shows, the movies, played the Gameboy games and online games, had the picture books, the trading cards and all the merchandise one could possibly own. Pokemon is a perfect example as it began simply as a video game but soon the story turned to books, films, an anime series and, possibly most significantly, trading cards. It is evident that the extent to which Pokemon deals with convergence through the official Pokemon website. As content flows across platforms, the storytelling of Pokemon provided engagement with the audience through each of these entry points. pokemon


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