Time for a quiet reflection

While following Skype during my study, it has come to my attention just how integral the platform has become in our modern, dialogic society. Most interestingly, it has aided and assisted in education, communicating and creating a story. Skype provides a means for transmedia storytelling, as integral elements of a story get systematically dispersed across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated experience. As is shown in my Transmedia Narratives blog, the more points of entry to the story the more options for audiences to engage. Transmedia stories are about building a world and Skype helps to create this world. For example, a media story is broadcast through a range of mediums including Skype in news reports. As I am quite lazy and like my story told to me completely in one easy spot to find, the idea of transmedia narratives did not attract my interest the slightest. However, that stance quickly changed as assignment after assignment began to pile up, proving to me that without transmedia storytelling it is quite impossible to gain a well-rounded concept of anything really.

As local content can mutate into another local content (eg. music) and can gain unpredictable meanings, we see the rise of the Remix Culture. It encompasses everything we have learnt in convergent media practices. Music sampling and the rise of the remix culture creates yet another element to the transmedia narrative of music creation and consumption. It is a technology for expression which takes something, does it better then teaches how it was done better. Remixing and mashups are a perfect example of the “medium becoming the message”. As the medium has changed, so has the message. Remixing is not strictly binary however does incorporate the notions of copyright, intellectual property, commons and also old mediums living embedded in a new platform (e.g. the vinyl) ultimately creating a new message. The remix ideology combines many aspects of what we have learnt and was one of the most compelling topics as it shows the role and importance of convergent media.

It is fascinating how as the weeks have passed, every topic seems to be merging and linking with the previous ones. Again the notion of transmedia is embedded in my Occupy this! blog post. The quote from Ashley Moloney, “While today’s youth may vocalise some constructive ideas and values via social media, they lack the courage to do anything more than update their Facebook status” I believe captured the essence of today’s social media society perfectly. But it all comes back to creating the transmedia story. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are just another entry point, nothing less than a movie or book. As was highlighted with the ‘We are the 99%‘ Tumblr blog. This social media and political mobilisation topic was extremely engaging and forced me to think about my own political activeness, or rather lack of.

I believe I have gained a wealth of knowledge in my first 10 weeks at University and can only learn more. My best blogs are Transmedia narratives, Remix culture and Occupy this! as they all interrelate and link very nicely with one another. I understood and found these topics the most intriguing as they made me critically think and reflect on myself about how it affects myself. While each topic and therefore each of these three blog posts have their own principles, all return the the basis of convergent media practices.


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I'm a fun loving beach dweller that will talk about anything and everything. I try to take the easy going, non-serious approach to most things, but when I want something, watch out!!
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