When asked where most of the media I consume originates from I immediately thought of America, like many others would. The range of television, movies, books and music I watch, read and listen to is not very extensive. I like the mainstream stuff. Lazy, I know, but it is also what I like and what interests me. So as Australia relies and incorporates large amounts on American media, it is inevitable that my kind of entertainment comes predominantly from the U.S. But where in America is this coming from? What is so significant about the media capitals within America and where else in the world is producing quantitive amounts of media that I don’t even know about?

As Michael Curtin (2003) defines media capitals:

“Locations where complex forces and flows interact. Neither bound not self-contained entities. Understand them in the manner that geographers understand cities, as meeting places where local specificity arise out of migration, interaction and exchange. Media capitals are places where things come together and where generation and circulation of new mass culture forms become possible”

As globalisation is playing a pivotal role in the exportation and dissemination of content, new media capitals are emerging including Bombay, Cairo, Hong Kong and India. Content is being made to adapt to international audiences as creative people go where other creatives go allowing new patterns of flow that are not multilateral in the conventional sense (Khorana 2013). We are seeing Hong Kong and Chinese popular culture gaining a massive following with the emergence of crime dramas and Cantopop. Hong Kong is becoming a new media capital as, similar to Chicago in the 20th century, it has increasing political and economic power and is a major centre of manufacturing, transport and communication.

While Hollywood is a major player in the production and distribution of content, these less known yet extremely powerful media capitals are on the rise, making Hollywood nervous as many are often cheaper to make. But with this comes great opportunity to work together and integrate to create super media capitals.

“Hong Kong is very Chinese and remarkably Western, and yet it is not really either.”(Curtin 2003)

Cantopop: originally a hybrid of Western Pop, and other influences, with Cantonese Opera.
Four Heavenly Kings, are Cantopop’s answer to New Kids on the Block


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