Break time

After nine extremely fast paced weeks, this ‘mid semester’ break was well needed. It gave me time to get onto those assignments which will no doubt start to creep up all at once again, but also gave me time to think about if I have actually learnt anything.

The BCM111 International Media and Communication subject has been quite a handful, with many new words being introduced into my vocabulary and a number of concepts that I previously did not know about. Each week has been a new and improved experience from going into a deeper understanding of globalisation and how this affects almost every other aspect of global media. Most prominently could be seen within music, especially hip hop, I believe. Majority of commercial hip hop today we hear on the radio or on an MTV countdown contain explicit language, rapping about hardships with drugs or showing off how much pot was smoked while surrounded by ‘hoes’ and ‘bitches’. I have never been a fan of rap or hip hop but once we were shown a more thorough level of the genre, only then did I start to appreciate how it can be a form of self-expression and connection to one’s culture. It is a prime example of globalisation as both technology and the body enabled its spread. An ancient culture just with a new name, classic forms of hiphop can be seen in recent advertising campaigns, such as the Kia car ad, which when watching the original film clip compared to that of the ad, is hilarious but in a cringe worthy way.

The other concept I found particularly interesting was the impact that media capitals have on global media. While it’s true that a lot of the media I consume is highly Americanised, after the idea of hybridity, I have begun to notice that quite a lot of themes are actually a representation of other cultures. I have found it quite hard to distinguish the two and I have come to the conclusion that some forms of media, whether it be film, television or music, can be neither be classified as hybrid or Americansied but both. There is a very fine grey line that separates the two ideas but sometimes it’s just not appropriate to need to define certain aspects of global media as either.

As the weeks pass, each new topic is nicely linking to others and giving them more relevance within the international media and communication context.


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