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Connection lost due to over-consumption

I had never realised just how connected and internet reliable we are. I knew I used the internet, whether it be on my phone, laptop or computer, on a daily basis, but to the extent of it being a part … Continue reading

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Put it back, it’s mine!

So apparently there once was a time, way back, when there was no such thing as copyright. This was when the notion of property related only to scarce resources (land). Anyone could freely copy, modify or sell content created by … Continue reading

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The medium is the message: trajectories of covergence

Focusing on the move away from traditional analogue media, to the digital age of the 21st century we can investigate how different technologies, audiences and industries aid in the flow of content across platforms, which ultimately lead to super platforms … Continue reading

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You’ve been Skyped

So I’ve finally chosen the media platform I will be following this semester: Skype. I think this is a great choice as Skype is celebrating its 10th birthday this year!! Skype is a not just a way to speak to … Continue reading

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Hi all!

So here it is, my very first blog. Honestly, I had, and still have, no idea what is meant to go in a blog, so I thought i’d just start writing whatever it is that pops into my mind. My … Continue reading

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